Monday, June 24, 2013

San Rayburn Fish Hatchery

We went to the San Rayburn Fish Hatchery! Our family had fun learning how it works. Unfortunately they were out of season on breeding fish. So we will go back in March prime time. ;)
They had just found this gator couple days ago. They let use touch him. The girls where in aww of him. That was high light of day. 

Tobin even liked feeling him. Wow my son is such a boy! :-)
These are how they breed catfish with these individual sections. They put one male and one female. If the pair get along they will spawn over 100,000 eggs. 
They also use the catch mats. 
           To catch the fertile eggs!
The girls actually listening to our guide. :-) To show how big the temporary tanks are here is one picture. They also use San Rayburn's water and recycle it to keep water fresh. They have big acre ponds out side. I forgot to get picture of them. But I will when we come back!

The girls loved their built in fish aquarium! 
There now you can read it!! 
When we go back on March I will have better pictures and will explain what goes on better. We just had a great family day since Daddy had a day off! 
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's on our minds ;)

The World's Best Grammar Checker
I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because making sure I spell right doesn't give my kids a chance to question me.. :)

The Johnson Tribe has been trying to get back on track with putting life in perspective because as you all know LIFE is fast pace always something needing to be done! We have been looking into different things to get the girls to be more excited about school. I feel we need more hands on less book work. As homeschoolers we can do this and learn very well!
One thing we have been looking into Konos Curriculum. I have found it is a hands on curriculum that is basically unit studies. Right up my kids ally. Konos has a facebook group Mr. Wade who is the husband of the one of the creators of Konos called KONOS Curriculum. This group has been so helpful in helping us find what we need. There are also groups on Yahoo for Konos. I have joined them and I am learning quit a bit. :)

Well the kids got to see what Daddy drives. They were in Heaven. Daddy should them different things on his truck and explained how they work and why they had them. The girls were so excited to see how Daddy worked. I think Daddy was proud to oblige them! :)
 photo null_zpsc66195cf.jpg

                  They wanted a picture with Daddy standing by big truck!
 photo null_zpsffc41ca5.jpg

Daddy explaining what the yellow Device is on his shirt it is a CO2 gas reporter. It lets him know when to vacate a job!
 photo null_zpsd76bf6a4.jpg
Daddy was explaining how the valves work with hoses and pressure to suck up salt water in tank and push it out of tank!
 photo null_zpscd11a48c.jpg
They were so excited about sitting in truck! Over all they were so excited to see what Daddy has been doing for the last year while they have been sleeping he works nights!! Every night the girls look at the ski and say Good Night Daddy look at all the stars!
We have gone camping a couple times. The kids love it we have so much fun but oh my its a lot of work for the adults. I remember it being so easy and not having to worry when I was the kid and Mom and Dad did it all! Oh golly gee I am the adult I guess I will rest when I am dead.. Hahaha We have met some very awesome people and proud to have made new friends!
 photo null_zps09fc4466.jpg
Yep not my Moms camp! Buts what defines me for me crazy and learning!
Here is a sunset from the last time we went camping it was our last night outside!!! photo null_zps52343dd2.jpg
Tobin turned 1 on May 1 can you believe neither can we! Were did time go?!
                    photo null_zps0505c9ac.jpg          photo null_zpsfbc99a79.jpg
              Smash cupcake!!!!    
     photo null_zpsecf3fd85.jpg 
    photo null_zps12f57149.jpg                           
Lileigh turned 8 on May 5 oh man wasn't she just 1 what the heck happened.. A friend helped me put her cake together it was so fun! I tie dyed the cake it self when I made it she was shocked and so excited she loves piggys and bright colors! Now my Makenzee is saying I can not wait to see what you make me uh oh I need ideas ASAP!!
 photo null_zps944752c4.jpg  Here is a recent picture of my Tribe missing two but I still have my four with   me!!
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Better late then NEVER :)

We are doing well. The Johnson Tribe has been very busy doing everything and not doing anything! We are learning to be a cloth diaper Family! Now let me tell you some days I wonder why I am doing this but then I remember it is helping our family save! So between Church, Schooling, chores, Laundry, cloth diapering and Scentsy we keep forgetting to take pictures. I need to get my stuff straight. :)

Tobin is 6 months holy cow where has time gone?? My baby has changed so much. He is doing more and everyday. But I am proud to announce he is staying a baby little longer. He isn't rolling, no teeth or scooting and he doesn't want food in his mouth he just wants everything else! But over ALL he is so happy and loves his Momma. :)
Tobin has always taken showers with Daddy. Well since is on a night schedule due to work makes it hard. Since Tobin is able to sit for little bit by his self we started using kitchen sink he does not like it. But he will get use to it he is a hands on child he expect to be held! But little things can be worked in! And he smells so good! :)

The girls went to Fall Festival at our church! They decided they didn't want to dress up so they choose Halloween shirts and put pig tails in their hair! They said last year when wearing their dress up clothes (Halloween costumes) it was hard to bounce in the bounce house and slide the bounce slide. They had fun and can not wait till next yr!
Makenzee showing her Love! She is such a God's Girl!
Lileigh is trying to find herself. She loves being able to show how cute she is! She is a Gods girl too!
Miss thing her self you see her attitude oh yes it reaches ASIA and back without a beat! She is such a joy and Says God is awesome.. :)

Well we have a friend that has recently moved out of this great state of Texas to Colorado. She is an awesome Women who impacted my girls so positively. She was the First Baptist Church of Hemphill's nursery worker. Tobin adored her. He would be fussy see her and be calm and happy! Well to go on to why I mentioned her she is an artist and now she is teaching art to students in Colorado. We are sad she didn't think to start this here my girls would have been first in line. ;)

So anyways she emails me weekly well not really me my girls get a awesome email weekly from Ms. Robin. Makes them so excited to know she still loves them and thinks of them. Well I have been slacking do to all the extras going on!

The first we The girls traveled to Africa and was able to search and look at many pictures of the way Africa art is done. They are very bold lines colors and some of it is very pretty. The girls made masks and so loved it!

Makenzee took her time to make bold colors but bright and made neat lines that really made the mask stand out. She took her time and I am very proud of her work!
Lileigh did a more soft approach but she nailed the bold lines as well as her BIG sister Makenzee. She said she wanted it to be a work of art well I do believe she nailed it!
Abbigale is a whole class of her own. As she was coloring and making her mask she was explaining to Makenzee and Lileigh that when you scribble it makes it better. Who knew scribbling was a master piece!

They also visited Egypt! They girls had so much fun they used water color paint to make their Pyramid pictures. They did AWESOME. But we need to work on how to make lines stagger little more so when we have a building it wont fall! haha

Makenzee is having fun being creative she really enjoyed looking at the pyramids. She really enjoyed getting the sand and sky perfect in her words!
Lileigh said her favorite was water color the pyramids in the back ground of picture. She said they turned out awesome!
Abbi focused on her Pyramid church she said they had to have church to worship! Who am I to argue we will go over the religion part again when she is older!
Then Ms. Robin had the girls visit Ireland! They got to see all the different ways of family crest can be. They enjoyed trying to figure out what things meant. They are so enjoying these fun weekly adventures!
Makenzee said she really liked the whole idea of a scarf. She said she felt our family was all these colors. See each color meant something that she said we were all like! She said there were so many that she didn't want to cover it up with pictures!
Lileigh said she liked they idea of putting a flag on hers. She said she loves America but felt she needed to make her own! She also loved putting stars around her crest. She also put Johnson on top but after she colored it realized she made her J backwards. But then she said well it gives it personality!
Abbi just loves to be able to do what her sisters do but in her own way! she said the scribbles are all of us being busy! Very interesting how she thinks :)

Now to move on!

Well as you can see this is our schooling HUTCH.. I am so embarrassed that my children refuse to put things away properly. Or is it I forget to check.. Geez I better get my act straight! ;)
That exactly what I did! OK I am a mean MOMMA and made them help me. :) So we worked as a team for two days oh my what a chore! I am so proud of all our hard work. Now to get it to stay this way!

So now on to CLOTH DIAPERING yes it is something new! I have been wanting to be a CD'ing Momma but what to us and how much to spend is the question! Well since starting out is so expensive I found a site because of my friend who bought some called Alva Baby diapers. I have to say these have been very nice but we are learning how to work out the kinks. Over all I am very happy with these diapers. But wish it was cheaper to buy her from MADE IN USA! I am a proud American but with today's economy its hard, saving a buck is good unfortunately!

G.G. with Youngest Great Grandchild

We ended up spending Thanksgiving and Christmas apart. Tobin and I where in California my Grandma June past away from being old and ill. We got to California November 19,2012. My Grandma made it Thanksgiving it was awesome when she realized I was really there. She so enjoyed Tobin. After Grandma realized almost everyone was with her she slept in to a very deep sleep. She past away November 27, 2012. I had to stay the whole Month of December because it was cheaper for ticket. But I am not complaining it was awesome spending time with my family since the last time I was back home it was 1999.

Tobin when he was really sick but he had a good moment here and there. Or this is just good picture you choose!

Tobin took to being very ill. We didn't get to leave December 20,2012 to New Mexico where my girls were so I could stay with in California. Tickets are expensive now.  Well we ended up seeing one doctor who thought Tobin had viral RSV. Well she grounded Tobin from Flying, traveling period. She was afraid if he went  into distress no one would be able to help him. So we missed our December 20 flight. We Monday December 24, 2012 he seemed so much better. Praise God for Family because They gave me there DR. who said she felt he was miss diagnosed and in stead had adenoid viral infection. She said we need to get you to your other children. She ungrounded him from flying and traveling. WOOHOO!! We left December 25, 2012 to Belen New Mexico.
                                                  Kenzee with Pottery Wheel!
Lileigh got a Loom for Christmas

Abbi and her Tobi too

So now to move on I got to Belen New Mexico and was with my children. We Thomas my husband was supposed to meet us for Christmas before Tobin got Grounded. Well he gave up is Vacation time because we at the time wasn't sure when Tobin and I would be leaving California. Well after we found out my husband couldn't get time off until January 8, 2013. So he arrived in Belen New Mexico January 8, 2013 at 9pm CST. it is an 16-18 hour ride without stopping. So we had our family CHRISTMAS!! It was sweet BLISS.
Look Momma I can pull up!

Speaking of SWEET BLISS Tobin is crawling and pulling hi self up and walking around furniture, eating as well has two bottom teeth. He is 8.5 months old now. Crazy how fast life is!!

Well in closing We are back in Texas! I look forward to share again! Happy New Year from The Johnson Tribe!

Thank you for stopping and Pondering,
May God bless you in this NEW YEAR! :)