Tuesday, September 23, 2014

WE back on track!

    School is up and going! WE have decided that we are switching things up this year. Our schooling time will consist of schooling 4 weeks then taking 2 weeks off! Since Thomas is now working away from the house every month. See having family time is so very important! We have made our goals change to make this work. We started back in August just kinda worked out. Since we have started doing this is going very well. But we have had to change up the way we do somethings! This year we have what society grades homeschooling this year. We have a 6th grader, 4th grader, first grader and a 2 year old.

    So this four weeks we are working on virtues.We are learning what is it to have Diligence in everything we do. Memory verses and story for every week!
Week 1: Colossians 3:23 and Luke 19:11-26 
Week 2: Proverbs 21:5 and Jonah 1-3
Week 3: Romans 12:2 and Genesis 39:1-6
Week 4: Ezra 6:12 and Dueteronomy 6-7
We will be learning the Blessings of Obedience. The consequences of sin. As we study Diligence we will be working on these questions so we can learn how to apply it to our lives daily!
  1.  How does being lazy effect others?
  2. How does being diligent effect others?
  3. How does being lazy effect our relationship with God?
  4. What does being diligent look like in our home?
  5. How can we practice being diligent?
    We have switched up our math! We have started using Khan Academy math. This has been such an awesome way for kids to do math. Khan has videos as well as hints as well as it adds new work. I love how they have added ways to earn badges and different things. The goals make my daughters want to do it. They have kindergarten up to 12 grade! So worth it and best of all its FREE!! I highly recommend this program they have really helped make my life easier when it has come to math!! Thank you Khan Academy I am so grateful for all you do! 

   We are doing Nature Study using the resources we have. Nature Study is an important subject to help embrace and see what is around us that God has created! We do Nature Study on Saturday's unless we get to go on field trips with friends and enjoy our nature here in New Mexico. The books we will be using are...

    We have added a new way of English, Literature, Grammar and Writing using Excellence in Writing. We were introduced to this curriculum last year. The girls participated in a home school coop that used this curriculum. It was so thorough we decided we wanted to do it at home with a theme. We choose Bible Based Writing for my 6th and 4th grader this is a multilevel subject. We also have chosen for our 1st grader we are using Bible Heroes Writing. This is helping them prepare for high school and beyond! We use to us Learning Language arts through Literature awesome program but it was just to much with everything else we have going on! I am so blessed because my Mom is helping me with this subject yay she ROCKS!!

   We have an arts and crafts class on Thursdays with a great family who are new to Home schooling this year. SO excited about it. The class always has some kind of history, science, thinking skills and hands on learning. So far they have made Catapults, Bridges, Salt painting and so many cool other projects to come and have been completed! So thankful for this time together with the other home schoolers so much fun when it comes to learning!!

    Did you know that music making is part of what makes humans human? So with that said my kids are learning how to play the Guitar and Ukulele. They are learning the basics so they can be successful as they grow with their instruments. The kids love it but they have a long way to go and that's ok. We are so lucky to have my parents who are helping teach them this gift of music. Poppa and Mamee you are DA BOMB!

  We have our Weekly Schedule set for this home school year 2014/15.  Have a it helps with keeping us on track. Why is goal setting so important? Well it helps make a day go smoothly and helps kids to know what they need to do without waiting on the parent having to lay it out because it is already out there. We still are doing the Charlotte Mason Method when it comes how we teach. We still have Artist Appreciation Music Composer Study, Independent Reading, Spelling & Cursive Writing, Science, and History. We have a lot we are working on. But we have many goals and many mile stones we will succeed this is going to be an awesome year!

  We have started using a Chore Charts as incentives to help with the girls being more independent when it comes doing their chores. We have decided to use a Treasure box as the reward they get to earn some fake money to buy something from the treasure box. The best part is they pick what they want to earn.. It is a win win situation and so good with teaching Independence for life skills. This has helped a lot and so nice with keeping life calm!!

Well thank you So much for pondering with US!!

In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away      -shing xiong

"When I am afraid, I will put my trust in Thee. In God, whose word I praise, In God I have put my trust; I shall not be afraid. What can [mere] man do to me?" -Psalm 56:3-4