Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good Morning Routine

Well we are rocking on we survived our Week 3. Yay Schooling is going smoothly. We finished our goals and no we move on to Week 4... OK so lets see we are learning staying constant makes life so much easier and kids get school work done quicker. Now that is something. =)

My kiddos at first were very resistant on getting up at 7am and doing morning routine to start schooling at 8am. But now when i don't get them up it why didn't you get me up. I have found they are actually getting up on their own. Yay but the reason is because they say oh Momma we love the Good Morning Song but do you have to have it playing when you wake us up! My word no but you wake up so nice and ready to get our day going. Or do you want me to come in and do it like your Daddy (loud stern like military voice)"WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP TIME TO RISE AND SHINE WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP"

We wake up get dressed, make beds and set table. Then we Pray, eat (while listening to our fun songs) and clean table rinse dishes and brush teeth. We the listen to Keys 4 Kids. They have awesome daily devotional stories and scripture for that day. Awesome not having to think of something. Kids love it they also have bible game as well as other story times.

How do you get your kiddos up before school are there adjustments you make or are you content and kids happy with your routine? Please share looking forward to hearing and learning other ways!
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Woohoo going Smoothly

We have had another successful week. I am really liking how things are flowing with kids learning goals. The way I have put what they do together makes it so easy and they are not just staying on one subject for hours because they don't want to get it done. They actually are striving to finish it so we can be done for week. I love the way things flow in Charlotte Mason Method.

I know I am not doing it to a T. But I am using what I am doing to my children's advantages. I am going to try to touch basis on what they have learned this week in Week 2.

 We pray because it helps us stay focused and knowing God is there makes the whining not as bad. We try to remember prayer when we get up, before we eat, before we work ect. Prayer is powerful when put in right use. We are working on not praying prayers are basic. We are making sure the prayers are of what God wants to hear. Kinda hard when the kids are young but we are working on it together. I am reading a book called " The Power of a Praying Parent" by: Stormie Omartian. She has written several books on power of prayer. Wonderful books and not hard to follow.

1. We have a morning routine it is something to get my children's minds in gear for school. As we are getting breakfast done we listen to a song called Good Morning Son, Days of the Week Song, Months of the Year Song and then We say which to me is very important The three Pledges.

2. We listen to CBH ministries because they have wholesome Daily Devotionals Keys for Kids please a nice scripture we look up after each one. We talk about the morals and how we can use them in our daily lives. We are always remember the The ABC's of Salvation so we never forget.

3.We do a weekly memory scripture verse. This is important because it helps get Gods word deep in their brains and fun to know you are learning Gods word. We use the Scripture Memory System by: Simply Charlotte Mason. Love it what a genius idea! :-) Humility is what we are working on.

4. Math: Saxon
 Makenzee is in book 5/4 homeschooling math. It is 4th grade if you go by grades. Which most homeschoolers do not. We go by what our children can do and if they need help we take time and help them grow so they can succeed. Makenzee is working on Word problems with missing addends as well as missing numbers in subtraction.

 Lileigh is Saxon homeschooling math 2. Lileigh is working on getting her addition and subtraction down packed. She is also learning how to do word problems, money, some fractions and time. We are talking basics to help her to grow and learn for whats to come.

 I love Saxon math because it rolls so well. You are reviewing as well as learning a new concept. It is wonderful when using CMM. Knowing my kids are reviewing as well as learning something new makes an awesome thing.

Makenzee is in the Orange Book which is again considered 4th grade. Makenzee has been working on Journal writing. Taking notes to putting it together. She had to write something about an event like step by step. She choose to make a sandwich. To be precise the sandwiches we make for Daddy's lunch so he can eat while at work. She had to do the First, Next, Then and Now. Daddy was home so he took time to help her. She loved it and did very well.

Lileigh is in the Red Book Reading Program. She worked on Long O sounds She had to read the "Hard Short Hay" from her phonics book All Around the Farm by: Yuuriko Nichols. She learned that not doing what Momma says makes for not always pleasant living. Love the whole Morals thing helps a lot.

6. Spelling: Spelling Workout
Makenzee is in Book C. She worked on Long vowel sounds O and U. Lileigh is in book B. She worked on Long Vowel O. I really like how this not a typical type of spelling like when we were in school and you had huge list of words to memorize. Well these are broke down to a very small tid bit to do a day. just enough to say wow that was fun and move on. They are learning without knowing they are. What I really love is that they flow well with LLATL.

7. Copy/Dictation: As of know they are both working on ABC's to help make writing better and to have them down packed.
 Makenzee is learning Cursive writing. As soon as she finishes doing her basic cursive we will go to a cursive copy work book. She has good days and bad days but she is learning and thinks she is so cool.
Lileigh is learning to read so she needs to know her ABC's much better. We are making sure we know each letter very well and the sound. When she finishes we will continue lessons in Manners for Copy work. by: Sandi Queen

We do Science all together makes life much easier. We only do science on Mondays and Wednesdays. Spliting it up with History and Geography helps them to retain more without over doing their little brains. We are learning about Botany. There is so much to them and we are only still on the outer layer. We love how God has put them together and the proof he is our creator is abundant in everything we see and learn. God is good!

Again we do history and Geography together we do it on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The girls love learning of their culture how life was nothing like today or was it?! We learned about Ancient Africa. The sahara dessert use to be plush full of vegitation and animals at one time. Then the rains stopped and everything dried up and moved South to where there was more accept way of living. amazing how life has gone and keeps going through cycles.

10. Comper Study: Sergie Prokofiev 1891-1953
Prokofiev was a master at using music to tell a story. One of his most famous musical stories is Peter and the Wolf, which was written for Russia's Central Children's Theatre. You may have seen it performed in school, or on the concert stage.

11. Artist Apperication: Edgar Degas 
Edgar Degas, born on July 19, 1834 in Paris, France, went on to study at the École des Beaux-Arts and became renowned as a stellar portraitist, fusing Impressionistic sensibilities with traditional approaches. Both a painter and sculptor, he enjoyed capturing female dancers and played with unusual angles and ideas around centering. His work influenced major modern artists like Picasso.

12. Foreign Language: American Sign Language & Spanish
We have 2 Foreign Languages we are working on. ASL is very nice to learn. We enjoy learning it and it is easy to talk to each other when others are around if you need to get a point across or the kids have something they dont want others to know. Spanish is not their favorite. Actually the really don't want to learn it. But I feel Spanish is probably an important language to learn because we have a lot of Spanish speaking people. As they grow they will learn others but as for now they will focuse on these two!

13. Nature Study: Hearts and Trees Bubbles and Lavender Kit
We havent started this kit yet but we are so excited when we can. We have used their kits before awesome is only word I can say. Very creative and so very helpful and fun to do.

14. Art: drawing a Ballerina
We are having the girls learn to draw. They drew a Ballerina. I plan on having them draw ballerinas while we study Edgar Degas. They will then in last 12 weeks of school Paint their own Ballerina art on canvas as water color like degas in their own eye. Very exciting to see them grow and get better!

15. Recipe Friday:
We have added a special day that Makenzee is going to be cooking or baking something from a recipe. Well this week we choose Ham and Cheese Crescent snadwich but we have decided to make it a whole casserole dish instead of 4 sandwiches. Very yummy and nice I am proud she is learning to put food together. One day I will be able to ask her to make dinner on her own. Oh ya BABY thats my goal! :-)

16. Memory Poem: Autumn Song by Katherine Mansfield
We love memorizing Poems. Helps keep our heads on straight and brains on top of being active. We learn a new one every 12 weeks. Try to stay with what the season is. Since school is back in session and it is almost Fall we choose. Autumn Song! It is fun we like to say as a song..Kids are creative in how they learn gotta give them props!

We stay on a subject periods of no more then 30 minutes. We have decided what the kids have not finished for daily goals we will do them as homwwork. Meaning after school day and a time or rest they will resume what was not completed. It has worked very well. The girls have completed their work on time and are finishing their weekly goals every week so far. Very Exciting! Makes this Momma very happy...

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 1 done

We had a great first week of school. Yes not everyday was perfect but we were successful! We made our goals for the week and and everyday we strive to have everything for that day done. Here is our Week 1 Goals! We have decided we will have a celebration when our schooling hits day 100 for this year. So the kids are very excited! Isn't it amazing a little something makes for some happy kiddos?

Here is Makenzee's amazing Peach Cobbler she did for her Recipe Friday! It was absolutely wonderful and recipe was from Hill Billy House Wife. Here is the awesomeness of a recipe it is absolutely wonderful!  Super Easy Old-Fashion Peach Cobbler

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