Monday, August 22, 2011

My thought on curriculums

Well I am really finding it hard to blog since we started this ACE curriculum. I am finding it isn't for our family. When your children hide or try not to do schooling because they absolutely hate there work there is something wrong. We use to do Charlotte Mason with Unit Studies. The kids loved it and enjoyed it for we could study what they were interested in.
Don't get me wrong the ACE Curriculum is a wonderful curriculum. The PACE books are great The ACE Curriculum is wonderfully put together. In giving you everything you need for that year. It is an accredited school. They are very wonderful to work with on phone if you have any questions if they don't know answer they will find out and always return calls. The curriculum is meant not to having anything added with it. It is school structured so it is like being in school everyday and sometimes we are still schooling in evening. Now mind you that we start in 9am everyday.
The only problem is I home school to be able to relax and let kids enjoy schooling. We have choose to remove or not make a part of our learning having the in school room learning. If we wanted to send our children to school and be apart of a classroom seating i would send them back. My children thrive in a relaxed atmosphere where I am not stressed at trying to keep them on task so they don't get behind. Let me tell you I could never wok in a public school setting. Guess that's why my children enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of fun hands on and just being able to know what they are doing they are learning.
This curriculum is great for extremely organized families. Unfortunately our family is not but we do strive to everyday. I have a friend whom I adore she has 1 child and uses this curriculum. They are on there 5th year of using this curriculum. She is so organized and has things mapped out. I love how she puts things together. She makes it look so easy. We let me tell you I can see if I had just one child it would be so much easier to keep on task. Her daughter does well because this is all she knows. Guess that's where I messed up. My children miss picking the unit studies they want to do as well as music composers and artist not to mention Nature study. We are consumed with the PACEs and nothing else. My friend makes it look so easy and I love her for that. So apart of me feels like a failure, but on other had I know we will succeed as we go with what ever direction we go.
On a different note we have moved out of Louisiana to Texas. Starting a whole new life. after we finish this curriculum we will start back on old favorite. The girls are excited but seem to not understand we have to finish what we started before we move on. They keep asking come on Momma lets just go back PLEASE. I feel I am teaching finishing what we started is important in life. As for my kids schooling I know my decision is best for our family.
When or if you choose or get thrown in to homeschooling remember you have to do what works best for your family. We are a visual hands on dreaming family so we enjoy picking and choosing what we learn. I pray that everyone gives deep long hard thoughts on what there kids would learn from rather what we as parents want our kids or think what thjey need to be doing. Remember kids learn in am happy environment with lots of choices. At least mine do!!
Thank you for Ponding with me,

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