Monday, June 24, 2013

San Rayburn Fish Hatchery

We went to the San Rayburn Fish Hatchery! Our family had fun learning how it works. Unfortunately they were out of season on breeding fish. So we will go back in March prime time. ;)
They had just found this gator couple days ago. They let use touch him. The girls where in aww of him. That was high light of day. 

Tobin even liked feeling him. Wow my son is such a boy! :-)
These are how they breed catfish with these individual sections. They put one male and one female. If the pair get along they will spawn over 100,000 eggs. 
They also use the catch mats. 
           To catch the fertile eggs!
The girls actually listening to our guide. :-) To show how big the temporary tanks are here is one picture. They also use San Rayburn's water and recycle it to keep water fresh. They have big acre ponds out side. I forgot to get picture of them. But I will when we come back!

The girls loved their built in fish aquarium! 
There now you can read it!! 
When we go back on March I will have better pictures and will explain what goes on better. We just had a great family day since Daddy had a day off! 
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's on our minds ;)

The World's Best Grammar Checker
I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because making sure I spell right doesn't give my kids a chance to question me.. :)

The Johnson Tribe has been trying to get back on track with putting life in perspective because as you all know LIFE is fast pace always something needing to be done! We have been looking into different things to get the girls to be more excited about school. I feel we need more hands on less book work. As homeschoolers we can do this and learn very well!
One thing we have been looking into Konos Curriculum. I have found it is a hands on curriculum that is basically unit studies. Right up my kids ally. Konos has a facebook group Mr. Wade who is the husband of the one of the creators of Konos called KONOS Curriculum. This group has been so helpful in helping us find what we need. There are also groups on Yahoo for Konos. I have joined them and I am learning quit a bit. :)

Well the kids got to see what Daddy drives. They were in Heaven. Daddy should them different things on his truck and explained how they work and why they had them. The girls were so excited to see how Daddy worked. I think Daddy was proud to oblige them! :)
 photo null_zpsc66195cf.jpg

                  They wanted a picture with Daddy standing by big truck!
 photo null_zpsffc41ca5.jpg

Daddy explaining what the yellow Device is on his shirt it is a CO2 gas reporter. It lets him know when to vacate a job!
 photo null_zpsd76bf6a4.jpg
Daddy was explaining how the valves work with hoses and pressure to suck up salt water in tank and push it out of tank!
 photo null_zpscd11a48c.jpg
They were so excited about sitting in truck! Over all they were so excited to see what Daddy has been doing for the last year while they have been sleeping he works nights!! Every night the girls look at the ski and say Good Night Daddy look at all the stars!
We have gone camping a couple times. The kids love it we have so much fun but oh my its a lot of work for the adults. I remember it being so easy and not having to worry when I was the kid and Mom and Dad did it all! Oh golly gee I am the adult I guess I will rest when I am dead.. Hahaha We have met some very awesome people and proud to have made new friends!
 photo null_zps09fc4466.jpg
Yep not my Moms camp! Buts what defines me for me crazy and learning!
Here is a sunset from the last time we went camping it was our last night outside!!! photo null_zps52343dd2.jpg
Tobin turned 1 on May 1 can you believe neither can we! Were did time go?!
                    photo null_zps0505c9ac.jpg          photo null_zpsfbc99a79.jpg
              Smash cupcake!!!!    
     photo null_zpsecf3fd85.jpg 
    photo null_zps12f57149.jpg                           
Lileigh turned 8 on May 5 oh man wasn't she just 1 what the heck happened.. A friend helped me put her cake together it was so fun! I tie dyed the cake it self when I made it she was shocked and so excited she loves piggys and bright colors! Now my Makenzee is saying I can not wait to see what you make me uh oh I need ideas ASAP!!
 photo null_zps944752c4.jpg  Here is a recent picture of my Tribe missing two but I still have my four with   me!!
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