Saturday, April 14, 2012

Little Note on School Work!

Well it has been a while. I kinda think I am getting good at not getting on laptop to remember to post something anything about how the girls are doing with schooling. Well OK saying learning daily! We have a lot of no work days but they are always trying to read or sound out things so at least we know they have knowledge in wanting to learn without knowing it!

I know I have gone over what we had plan on doing but now I can tell ya since the girls have been working what we have decided to use it has turned out to be such a smooth and easy days. Remember when you are homeschooling if your finding lots of crying or yelling you might want to rethink what your doing it just might not be the right home schooling method.I am so glad I tried new things but We seem to always go back to the way we are working now. It just works for them!! It makes for happier kiddo's..

Makenzee leads her sister's in Daily Devotions for Girls There is always a short story she reads. Then there are answers they work on together and give there thoughts. They also have a short prayer and then they have a small little project they can do that goes along with what they read. I am very proud of Makenzee she also leads them in Pledge Allegiance.

Makenzee and Lileigh have been doing Spelling Workout by Modern Curriculum Press They are great books it takes the old way of spelling out and makes it fun to learn the words or associate ways of words that sound the same or lone vowels short  vowels. The books are marked as A,B,C,D,E etc.they go great if you are worried about being grade on. Each lesson has 5 short fun things to do. So we break them up in our five day week. Sometimes Makenzee goes ahead and does hers in one day. She has gotten very good at being an independent worker.Makes life easier when you have many instead of one your teaching!

The girls also are using Learning Language Arts Through Literature.Makenzee is working in the Orange book which is fourth grade. Lileigh is working in the Red Book which is 2nd grade.They are doing so well.I love the books they have the older grades have reading book studies they have to answer questions and look up definitions and get a certificate after each book study for showing they completed it. They have in each lesson 5 days broken down for each week. Makes it so much easier to keep on track. There is always a review if they child needs it after each lesson. Also after you do like 4 or 5 lessons it has assessment for the child to make sure they truly understand what they have been working on with those lessons.

Makenzee and Lileigh also are working with Saxon Math This works great for my girls. Makenzee is working in Saxon home school math 5/4 which is 4th grade level. Lileigh is working in the red book Saxon math which is 2nd grade. They are both doing well. I like it because it isn't hard to follow. Which in my life makes it so much easier!

The girls are doing history/geography with Story of the Worlds We love hearing the stories. They also have an activity book we use to help with asking questions to keep them prompted. They get to make projects with some of the chapters.Over all it is a very nice curriculum to use with your children.

We also are working on Makenzee's Cursive Handwriting. I got a book that Makenzee is working learning the basics of cursive writing. When she completes the book I have daily copy work for her to do that she will have to write it in cursive.She is loving the fact that she is being big like her mom..

Lileigh does daily Daily Copy Work I have a really neat book that helps with manners. So each day she is working her hand writing and manner skills. She is working on being polite at home. We all know it starts at home so we have manners outside of our home.

The girls are also using Exploring Creation with Botany. WE love it. Basically it is a huge nature study.They journal daily.These are great books for science the girls have decided they would like to do Exploring Creation with Astrology. Looks like fun!!

This all we basically do for now. Life has been very crazy and very on go.We may not do every lesson everyday. We at least do a subject if not all at least a day. Now mind you some days we don't do to appointments and life. As far as girls I am not worried about falling behind. My girls are ahead of the game. But in our eyes they are write where they need to be. Once we have life back to normal well as normal as we are. For example Baby is born and we get use to having him in our home. Life should should slow down some.

Abbigale is doing schooling as well. I have books on basic learning to write for pre-k. As well as cutting books and of coarse gluing. Books on shapes and colors and numbers. She also participates with Makenzee and Lielighs Science and History! Abbi doesn't give us a chance not to make sure she has her school work done. I love it but some days I wish she would be more like a normal 3 year old and go play!

The next time I get to blog might be after our little one is born. As of today I am 37 weeks pregnant I am due May 6. He is measuring at 7# something. I go back to OB Wednesday. I actually get to meet the doctor. I have only been seen by the Nurse practitioners. We really want to have him delayed cord clamping he is not one to practice it. So I am going in with pages for him to read. We did with our last baby who was home birthed. We were not able to home birth this time because there are no midwives in our area. But any who we are getting things ready for when he decides to join our family.

I will post pictures the next time. I just wanted to touch base on whats been going on. Life is crazy and I thank you for stopping by and PONDERING with me! God Bless each and everyone of you!!

                                                            Your friend always,

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