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100 books every child should read
Author Michael Morpurgo believes that if children are to become readers for life, they must first love stories. That sounds so basic and true that one wonders why it needs to be said in the first place. But, as Morpurgo points out, learning to read and write and enjoying stories are not the same thing. In school, words must be spelled properly, written neatly and punctuated correctly. If a child hasn't already learned to love words before entering the classroom, this testing and red-marking might very well prevent that love from developing and growing.

Morpurgo believes that reading just for the sake of the story should be happening in every classroom every day. But like so many other things, the love of reading truly starts at home. To that end, he has compiled a list of 100 Books Every Child Should Read. From the early years, to the middle years and on into the teen years, the list includes classics you would expect and some that I've never even heard of.

It's a great list and a wonderful resource if you are looking to expand the library of a special child. But we all have our favorites and I see right way that some of ours didn't make the cut. Judy Schachner's Skippyjon Jones stories are the funniest, most entertaining books in our collection. We've read them many times, but they still crack us up every time. What books would you add to Morpurgo's list?

Great Books for Kids(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Where the Wild Things AreThe Very Hungry CaterpillarThe Story of BabarWinnie the PoohBallet Shoes

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