Monday, April 26, 2010

Been long haul

We have a good week with some trying times. we managed through them like we always do.  I sometimes find it hard to stay positive when my children can be trying or maybe sometimes it is more of one who is over the others. But My counting is improving! Here is Tuesdays Schooling Goals

Tuesday we had art instruction the kids got to paint. They drew a picture of a garden then they used paint to paint it in. I tried to get them to lots of colors and  splotches like the impressionist style. They tried I will give them that.
Makenzee's Master Piece!

                                     Jon-Jon said it isn't finished he is going for a marshy marsh lands

The kids have been watching our pillers in front of the house. We have three of them and there are three. In all three are different sparrow families (same kind just not sure) who have nest in them. We have been watching them for the past couple of months. Well Tuesday we heard noises. SO Daddy took pictures since we can not see them. Here is the picture of the babies! Yes it is not very good but it is hard to fit a camera in small places!
So on Wednesday Daddy took another picture of the baby birds.The kids were so excited to be able to see all the hard work that the momma and daddy birdy are doing. It is amazing how much in one day they have grown.

On Wednesday we we started reading about the NOMADS. Nomads are people who wonder from one spot to another. They live in a place long enough to use the resources when they are gone they follow where there is more. Here is Wednesdays Schooling Goals

Well a lot has happened since I starting on this post. I haven't been able to blog. I am having some personal issues I am trying to learn to over come! Our schooling has been on and off do to these things we call life. 

It is now the last week of April we did quit a bit in April 2010. We had Easter in Hemphill Texas it is just beautiful up there my children love it. We went back to Milam Texas for April 17, they had Pioneer day. It is a big deal in Sabine County and it is only one day! The Gaines-Oliphant house is the oldest log cabin in the whole state of Texas. The children got to see demonstrations on how they lived and camped. It was an awesome experience! We can not wait to go next year!

This past weekend we took kids for a 3 mile hike in Kincaid  Louisiana. There are lots of trails we plan on walking with kids. They really enjoyed it!

Well I will do my best to post on our schooling this week. If anything I will do a weekly over view so you can see at least what they are working on and have done! I hope everyone has a blesses week.

Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death Albert Einstein quotes

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