Friday, October 1, 2010

Beginning of Fall

September has been very hot until lately. The weather has been so hot that we have had to have A/C on and we hate to use it. We really enjoy having windows open. The fresh breeze just does something to you. Helps relax the environment! Fresh air is good for the soul!
We start the month out with Labor Day weekend. It is the one way the Government encourages the companies to allow the people who work a day off. Labor Day occurs on the first Monday in September and was first celebrated in the United States on September 5, 1882. The kids thought it was neat to read and understand why we have the holiday. they all thought it has something to do with military. weird I thought but then I was thinking about it. We have a Memorial day, veterans day, Freedom day,Armed Forces Day etc. So it made since they thought that. But after we read and looked in to it we realized it was for everyone who worked!


 Mr. Turtle came to stay with us in September 2009 he was no bigger then a silver dollar. He is a Red Eared Slider!

 Well this year in September 2010 he was 6 inches long. He was very healthy and happy.

 We felt he was ready to be let back into the wild. Makenzee was worried at first that he would become gator bait.We explained and showed her that there are lots of turtles and he will be just fine. We really enjoyed having him but we are so glad he is on his own freedom is good!

We have found a really neat site! It is called Keys for Kids. They have a new story about everyday life. It is helping build character for everyday life. We strive to keep a Godly way of living. But it isn't always easy to be Godly or have a Godly attitude. The now day stories help the kids understand why they need to always put God first. It is Gods law! We listen to the story and discuss what the story was about as well as there is always more verses that it has for you to read. Life saver for me when it comes to time.

We spent September learning about Edward Hicks 1780-1849. He did the peaceable Kingdom paintings.There are over hundred of them some he redid several times. He was considered an American painter, he was the leading folk, or naive, artist of the first half of the 1800s. 

We also study a musician and his work. This Month we studied Johann Strauss Jr. October 25, 1825 - June 3, 1899 the music he wrote and conducted was considered the Romantic Period. He grew with a father who was a wonderful conductor. Johann's father did not want him in the music business he wanted him to be successful as a banker. But Johann's mother helped him practice when his father was away from home working! He turned out to better then his father when it cam to writing and conducting music. You can hear his Polka.

My children have been working on the Solar System we will continue through October. There is so much to discover and learn. We have touched base on the milky way, inner and outer planets, comments, meteoroids etc. We are starting to look into the sun. I try to take a week on each thing sometimes we go longer or sometimes we move on depends on how interested they seem to be. We are going to be making a planet book. The kids are really excited!

Jon-Jon has resumed doing Boy Scouts. His troop 119 is a very active group. They always have something going on. They do a lot of hiking and camping. Jon really enjoys being apart of it. He is now a Tenderfoot. Doing what we can to help him stay with it. 
Troop 463 is back for the year. The girls are really coming together as a troop. We are working on learning the law, promise and motto. They are doing so good. We are also learning how to say and do sign language with them. We are having our first camp out. the girls are so excited we will be learning what the s'more means to a girl scout! 

It's Time for S'mores!

Most girls think s'mores are the official food of the Girl Scouts. And you know what? They're right! You can't have a campfire without them! And although the true origin of s'mores seems to be a mystery, the first documented recipe for s'mores came from a Girl Scout publication in 1927! Girl Scouts have been loving s'mores for a long time! With these recipes, you can too!
The girls are playing soccer they are so loving. Makenzee is playing on the Bad News Sharks their colors are lime green and Navy Blue. She is doing so well going after the ball. Lileigh's team is the Tigers. Their colors are Burnt Orange and Navy Blue. She is also doing very well. The first game she would watch ball go past then chase the ball. Well this past weekend she was actually going after it. Very proud of both of them.
Kenzee is participating in the Girls in Action (G.A.'s).  
For girls in grades 1–6, Girls in Action—or GA—is dynamic missions discipleship. GA members pray for missions and actively serve in their communities and around the world.

 Fall has come yay! Besides windows being open for not sure how long before another heat spell or it become winter over night. I am soooo dreading WINTER. I hate cold I love spring and fall. The kids have been going out side and sitting and watching nature they then come to me and explain what they saw and heard. Sometimes they take paper and colors. They think they are just outside doing nothing. But little do they know they are going an understanding of Nature and learning to open their way of seeing things and enjoying what nature has to offer. to end September the kids and I decided we would learn about Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman). So we are doing everything we can with Apples. So reading, writing, math, science etc. is all based on apples. They are really digging it. We have decided Friday is our special Habit training day. We will make every meal and snack with apples. 
                                           A.M snack: 

    P.M. Snack:  
    Apple slices and Caramel Dipping Sauces


            The kids were so excited.
            Makenzee said "Apples are a sweet delicious way to make foods happy!"

            Lileigh said " Wow apples can do that their good!"

            Abbigale said "Ummy Appy" 

            “If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.”


            1. A wonderful Fall Blog. I've never tried a Ham & Apple Grilled cheese sandwich. I think we'll have to add that to our menu this week.
              Janet W

            2. Janet Thank you I am so glad you enjoyed it! As you can Tell I am not much of a writer but I just want to share tib bits of what we do. And the kids think it is awesome to see themselves on the page! The ham and Apple Grilled cheese are very yummy I actually add a little onion on mine as well! It turned out awesome!!


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