Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Start to New Year!


It's the New Year and New beginnings. We are striving to do whatever it takes to stay on task and be happy. Life just in last week has made a big difference for our family.
Thomas has finally landed something to bring income in yay even though I am a single parent again it seems. Which sucks but this will make life so much easier. Also makes us apperciate Daddy more.
I am able to get the rest of the books I want for girls in just couple of weeks. Yay that's exciting. Who would have thought getting excited about books would be something I would do.
In a month or two I will be able to start getting baby things. Since this is boy and I no one who have hand me downs. BOO!!! I have to actually go shopping. Have I mentioned I actually hate shopping. But for some reason I am kinda looking forward to it. Been while since I had a baby boy in my house.Daddy wants his first outfit to be Tree Camo! Looking forward to Holden my baby boy soon specially with every kick he gives!
Girls are falling on task with schooling. Doing well! Lileigh is resistant because she wants everyone to give answers instead of try to sound out or do the work she can do. But once she does do it she is so excited about it. Makenzee is just doing awesome. Abbi is wanting to do schooling as well so I have been printing things up that go along with what girls are doing. It is getting her ready for being schooled. YAY!!
We have court this week for Jon Jon he is MIA as of today he left yesterday and has not returned.I have no idea what we are going do with him. I called sheriff office and talked to Captain he is going to keep an eye out so we can make sure he makes his court appearance. He strives to walk forward to take 100 steps back it just amazes me. Last night it was 26 degrees here in Hemphill. Where has the boy gone?! All we can do is continue to pray from him hope something makes him wake up.
Makenzee is striving to get her blog on she has been trying to think of things to blog about. I want to encourage everyone to join her blog Through Makenzee's Eyes. She is still learning but she is really digging it. That's awesome don't you know. Because she can creative and express herself!
I am going to strive on posting something a little as often as I can. So bare with me and please leave comments so I can fix or add or take away from what I have to tell!
                            Thanks for Pondering,

Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it. ~Jacques Prévert

1 Timothy 6:6
But godliness with contentment is great gain.

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