Saturday, September 29, 2012

We have a Giveaway or 2 going on!

We finally got to see Jon Jon he is doing so well! I am so proud how he is turning in to a young man. Jon Jon will becoming home November 19. Two days after his 17th birthday. While we were visiting it was rainy and cool. We were not able to do much do to weather. And well we have been sick in The Johnson Tribe household since then. Being SICK is not fun specially when I end up sick! Well we are finally getting on track. Spraying the COOTIES be gone with essential oil spray around house. Well School Week 7 will start Monday Oct. 1, 2012. In my family I am not allowed to be sick, grumpy or even hungry some days! But that's my career my family! Even though we do not use cribs this sums up my whole family. "GOTTA LOVE THEM"

I started selling Scentsy to help with giving even more to family or for me to be selfish and get my nails done or hair cut or just maybe extra stuff for family clothes, school books etc. Not taking from the household money. Well really to support my Scentsy habit! Wick less candles are the bomb no BURNS or FIRES yay!! :-) We named our business Simply Smelly Good thought is so fitting because Scentsy products are Smelly Good!! ;-) Please check out our personal Website Simply Smelly Good and feel free to order if you need help please ask!

A friend of mine is doing a wonderful thing she is donating to fight the cure. October is BREAST CANCER awareness month. So I am also doing my own Promotion for October awareness month! So For every bar of Happy Birthday and or Cupcake Warmer Bought. I will donate a $1.00 to Susan G. Komen Foundation. All you need to do is go to my personal website Simply Smelly Good and place an order or contact me I can help!
****To my awesome friend Momma Pam Holloway and to others who are trying to keep fighting as well who have lost their fight!***

So since I am just starting I want to build up and be able to give this awesome product to my faithful customers. So we decided to give a Mandarin Moon Scentsy Bar October scent of month giveaway through Rafflecopter. But if we can get faithful customers who keep coming back we will give things all the way up to large warmers. So for the next 2 weeks starting on October 1-12 we will have this give away follow the Rafflecopter and see if you win! Once we know who the winner is I will need to get mailing address from you. oh and we will want to know what you think about Mandarin Moon scent of the Month for October. A good place to do this is in our Face Book group as well as here. Please let your friends and family know so they can have a chance to win! :-)

Scentsy has also started Wednesday September 26, 2012 B1G1 free of their Scentsy Buddies and 2 scent paks for each Buddy. This is a huge awesome deal. These make awesome Stocking stuffers. The kids absolutely will love them. My girls have one picked out and made sure to let me know what scent they like! So go check them out at Simply Smelly Good  at our website. Now Scentsy only ordered a curtain amount of buddies for this promotion so once there gone there gone!!
Participating Buddies include:
Lenny the Lamb
Penny the Pig
Roarbert the Lion
Ribbert the Frog
Ollie the Elephant
Mollie the Monkey
Patch the Dog
Scratch the Cat
Barnabus the Bear
Wellington the Duck
*Offer does not apply to Pooki the Polar Bear or Baby Buddies.
The Promotion includes 2 Scent Paks-
1 for each Buddy:
Scent Pak #1: choose any scent pak fragrance in the scentsy fragrance fall/winter catalog.
Scent Pak #2: Scentsy is going to choose the second scent pak for you so they can manage inventory and not create a backorder situtation with the scent paks.


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  1. Marnie Seney BurnsOctober 2, 2012 at 7:44 AM

    I love this blog page!! It's so nice to get to see what my beautiful nieces & nephews are up to and learning!!

    1. I am trying to share so everyone inthe family can see! Thank you for taking time and reading and checking out our giveaway!!

  2. thanks for the samples mama can't wait to smell them

    1. Val I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog!

  3. I love the Mandarin Moon sample scent you scent me! Smells good enough to eat, which I found out the hard way b/c Kylie had it almost to her mouth before I stopped her! Smells like candy! :)

    1. Oh no Lisa glad you caught her in time. But one thing if she had it wouldn't have hurt her just maybe made her sick. That's why I had girls put label with name and heat do not eat. Haha keep coming back daily until end the more points the more chances to win!! Share with family friends! Thank you again :)


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