Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back on Track

We were able to get back on track today. Jon-Jon was home to get our goals done that we had to do. Here is what our Today's Goals were. We made Kettle Corn it was very yummy but we did add salt to it. For what is popcorn without salt. The kids loved it and I had to make a second batch just so I could have some. A mental note make sure you are shaking pan and it is covered as you pop popcorn and sugar. But yes it is so worth it and yummy.

We have been working on Winter Time by Robert Louis Stevenson. The kids have memorized 3 of the 5 paragraphs. They start saying it with me as I read when I walk by it. They get excited when they hear someone say it. They end up finishing it. The kids are memorizing lots of things from Bible verses, poetry, quotes (ect.).  My children seem to amaze me everyday and I know I am doing what is right!

We may not pay much for there education but you can virtually home school for next to nothing. They are learning to open there minds and expand their learning process. I have had some people say that because there children learned to write cursive or read as a pre-schooler that mine children are not learning as well. My question is do you think because a child can write and read early are smarter then those who get it later? My answer to this every child learns differently and some catch on sooner then others. No matter what you pay or don't pay for education this is used, Make sure to use what works for your child and family.

Jon-Jon was in public school  pre-K to 2rd grade.I started homeschooling him for 3rd grade. I had everyone telling me to put him in public school it would be better since he gave me such a challenge. So I did and  it slap me in the face he did not adjust very well going back as a matter a fact he was worse there then at home. So we started homeschooling him again for 5th grade and still doing it. 

Makenzee went to school for pre-K and 1st grade. She was out more then in do to being sick. since she was out more she didn't get the proper learning skills. We would request for her school work and when teacher would comply she would tell us this all she needs to do. Well unfortunately that wasn't so. We read to her every night and she did her school work. But when she was able to be at school the teacher would give us grief she really needs to be in school she has fallen behind. Makenzee learned how to sound out her words but not in a flowing way. Well when some are is sick it is  kinda hard to let them go to school. We knew at that point we were going to home school her.

 We have decided to get rid of all the textbooks we had for they were not working and my children hated schooling when we mention get your book for this subject. They would all get that uugghhh attitude. For when you use textbooks they limit you on what specific things are or information. They also dumb down a lot of the books to make kids want to learn from them. But unfortunately my kids hated them. As well was not motivated to read.

Then we switched to a curriculum on computer called Time 4 Learning. It was great for a little bit. At least until  Jon-Jon realized he had paper work as well as learning on computer then the war started. His eyes glaze over and you have lost him. Makenzee was doing well with it and loved it. It just wasn't enough to help her get back on track. But we were paying $50.00 a month which isn't bad for an education. Sometimes Makenzee still asks why we don't use it. I simply mention that since Daddy has gone back to school he needs the computer more and she is content with that. 

Yes my children are behind I personally blame the public school system. The no kid left behind is a very stupid law. But they are catching up do to the new method of learning we are doing. We are applying the Charlotte Mason Method  using Living Books to our lives. We still use some other learning resources but they work together. When we switched our way of thinking and looked into CMM we had no idea how to start. Then one day when I was talking to my friend Michelle (Holistic Homeschooler) she was telling me how she was using it and she would help me get started.

So she explained why the Method works and how it actually makes learning more fun then actually learning is known to be. We choose to do all the subjects together for all ages and then have Jon-Jon do extra research and work on the particular subject we are working on. For once in my sons life he enjoys doing the work. One thing I have to say is I am finding myself doing lots of reading and  research for my children. I can say with head held high IT IS PAYING OFF! I am so proud that I am not paying high prices for my kids education and I know they are still getting an awesome wholesome education in return. 

There are so many ways of educating your children Public school, Private school, Homeschooling, Unschooling, Eclectic Learning, Internet based and many more ways. Just remember children will thrive when they are introduced to the type of learning that suits their individual needs. When you begin the right program, you and your child will know. No matter what method you prefer as a parent, if your child is not responding to it, move on to something different. Eventually you will find what works and makes everyone happy at the same time. Attempting to discover this magic formula is part of the wonderful journey of homeschooling. As a parent, it's your job to make the best informed decision for your child.

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