Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hump Day

Today we didn't get our goals done like we would have wanted to. Jon-Jon and Daddy went to work they are almost done with the job but not yet. No complaints. So the girls were home with mommy again. Well today they weren't feeling well. Abbigale is teething her molers and has runny nose and rash. Lileigh has rough breathing and coughing so we had to do breathing treatments. Makenzee has a rash on her eye not sure what it is but it kinda comes and goes. So J and B Learning had a day off. Thank goodness none is sicker knocking on wood. I do believe they are feeling better because this evening they are running around crazy or is it cabin fever. Hoping to have J and B Learning back on track. We did water the plants and folded laundry so we did have a life skills and habit training day! So weather or not we went by the Goals for today we were successful and did accomplish something.

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