Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today was Library day!

We started  our Wednesday schooling with Daily Scripture Provers 1:8. We are working on "ATTENTIVENESS".  Then We did our Math the kids are doing Saxon math. It is very progressive like Charlotte Mason suggest but it is not a Charlotte Mason Method. Then we left to go to the Library. For today is our alternate Wednesday. 

Makenzee and Lileigh really enjoy being able to participate on the Wednesdays when we go to the Library. Today at the Library before they started the story book time they got to sing "If your happy and you know it", Then the librarian read the Book Clifford's First Valentines. After they got to hear the story the kids got to do an art project for Valentines day. The librarian also made sure to give the girls extra material to make another one at home with there baby sister Abbigale.

Abbigale got to stay home with Daddy do to she is into everything!  So we call Wednesdays Abbibear and Daddy day! 

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