Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why We do What We do

The Lord Blesses our family to be able to home school. We have 5 children that very in all ages.

Our oldest is Clifford (CJ) and he is 19 years old. He is living in Florida. He has grown his wings and is learning what life is like without Mom and Dad. I never got the privilege to home school him. But I feel he is doing very well. I am very PROUD of him!

We were thrown in to homeschooling back in 2005 with my son Jon who is 14 now. He is a child that was slipping through the cracks in public school. They taught him if he didn't want to do his work he didn't have to do it. He learned that if he threw fits he wouldn't be accountable for his actions. There way of dealing with him was to put him in time outs. So he learned to manipulate the system. So since they taught him it was ok to be the BAD kid that they eventually had him arrested when he choose to keep with the bad habits. So with that said we decided it was for our sons best interests to home school and reverse his bad learning habits to make positive out look on life habits.

When we decided to move to Louisiana, We as a family decided to home school all our children. Our daughter Makenzee who is 6 was out of school more then in school from the time she started pre-K and Kindergarten do to she seemed to always get sick. So needless to say she fell behind. We as parents requested her school work but the work they sent never seemed to catch her up. So now I have a child who is a first grader who at first was way behind. Since We have decided to keep her home she is thriving and has the I want to learn and gets excited about school. She is our Happy sweet girl.

We also have Lileigh (Lilly) who is 4 almost 5 she is doing pre-k type learning lots of role playing and play time outside. Lileigh has decided to math with her sister Makenzee so she is doing first grade math and doing well! We have decided to do Kindergarden work with her and she is thriving beautifully like a butterfly.

Our baby Abbigale is our Abbibear and yes her nickname fits her. We got the privilege of home birthing her. It was the most amazing gift I could have had! Abbibear is 1 and into everything. She really enjoys being on top of everything as well as into everything. We like to tell people she is our rough and tumbly blue eyed girl. She is such a happy baby and she blesses us everyday with her happiness and grace!

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