Sunday, March 7, 2010

BBQ time

On Friday We did our Today Goals and we spring cleaned the house for Daddy's BBQ on Saturday. You know organizing school stuff and making sure things are put in right places. I really looks good when we do the extra cleaning. We finished up the girls in the woods painting of Van Gogh. Next week we start our new painting and Mozart music study! This last two weeks have gone fast. We have 4 weeks left of school for this term. Makenzee is counting down the days until she can go to Texas and stay with her Granny and Pawpee. Here is the result of growing our minds and cleaning does to daddy and his girls!
                                                             " Daddy and his girls"

On Saturday we did Wednesday's Today Goals we got it finished and finished cleaning and making food. The kids helped me prep the chicken leg quarters for the grill. Lileigh poured olive oil pouring the chicken while I rubbed them down, then Makenzee took lemon pepper, season salt and garlic powder. Daddy grilled them, then added BBQ sauce right at the end with a little bit burnt but not to much! While daddy was grillin the chicken  the girls and I made potato salad, baked beans and rolls! Jon-Jon is gone when ever he has the chance with his friends he has made in our neighbor so that is why he isn't in many pictures!

The girls and I made Daddy's birthday cake we made half chocolate (homemade Mayo Cake) and other side yellow cake. After it was baked we let it cool for 20 minutes. Then we took butter knife and Makenzee went around cake. Being very careful on not scratching Mommy's cake pan. Lileigh helped Mommy put wax paper on the chopping block with tape to get ready for cake. Then we had Daddy flip cake out of pan on to chopping block. We let it cool for another hour. Then I frosted the Yellow cake with Milk Chocolate frosting and Chocolate with Butter cream frosting.  Then after I put the boarder around cake the girls each picked a color and we piped them into the icing bag. Makenzee choose green and Lileigh choose blue and Abbi choose her fingers! After girls made there art on cake  Abbigale jumped up on chair and started doing finger art and eating the cake. On one side corner area! "It is was complete!" Daddy said.
                                                             "Abbi's work of Art"  

As we were waiting for who ever was coming Jon-Jon was at a friends house and they were having a crawfish boil. We they found out that it was Jon-Jon's dads birthday. So they sent a huge bowl home for Thomas and I. Now mind you I have never had them before. They are spicy and very good. Have to be careful they make your lips chapped.. Wow my lips are chapped. But they are soooooooo Yummy! I can not wait to have a crawfish boil and sucking the heads isn't that big a deal. I was so scared but it is actually more of the same flavor. Oh yes I had to go there. I was shocked I did it but can't complain because I liked it.

Little bit our new pup is really adjusting well to our family it is almost like she realizes it is home and she is safe. Now mind you she was never inside dog always outside. But you can not tell. She has one accident in house and no others. Yoogalee is starting to play with her but she still guards her bowl from Little bit. But the animals are all becoming friends. Little bit is scared of Kraker the Quaker. But she is liking to sniff her until she pecks her nose. Kinda funny really.          "LITTLE BIT"

Sunday Daddy woke up sick. Guess he got what I have had all week last week. So we had a lazy calm do nothing day. I sewed some ribbon on dresses I made. Made our weekly Today Goals. I hope this week is a successful week and no one else gets sick or we have to have make up days!

"Attentiveness is the path to true life; Indifference is the path to death. The attentive do not die; The indifferent are as if they are dead already."



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