Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sick and over it

Yesterday was a non school day or was it?! I was sick so I did not do our Today's goals yesterday. So kids kinda had a romper day so nothing got done or did it?! Well we may not of done our traditional Method of schooling but the kids did science, math, reading and life skills. Here is what our Today's Goals we will do Saturday!.

How you may ask well they helped me buy making dinner and Daddy's brownies for his birthday! We first had to read (READING)the recipes to know what went in to them. Then we had to measure ( MATH) the ingredients to know how much went into the dish. Then we had to place ingredients in to pot and bowl (SCIENCE) mix cook, bake. we made Corn/shrimp chowder and Brownies. This was Daddies Birthday meal. It all turned out very yummy.

We also have a new addition to the Tribe. She is a dog a very cute collie looking dog and she is considered a small dog. Guess Daddy thought since it was his birthday he would bring home the dog who stole his heart and he would ask the people who owned her if he could have her. Funny because they would say maybe next time you come around.  Guess his birthday was a lucky day because that's the day Little Bit come to live with the Johnson Tribe!  Little Bit fits in really well and it is almost like we have always had her. Weird how somethings that are meant to be work out!  HERE IS LITTLE BIT!!!!!

Today we did our Today's Goals unfortunately since we didn't do our goals yesterday we will do them Saturday. Yep good ole' grade a Saturday school!  On top of that Saturday is Daddy's birthday BBQ! So we have our day full and it is even here yet. One things nice about this Method it don't take to long or much out of day if your Tribe stays focus and or doesn't have a bad day, or appointments and so on and so fourth. But we gets lots done everyday and our children are surly showing signs of looking out of the box and I really love that! So a Saturday school is not a bad thing it is another day of goals!

I do believe I am finally on the mend just not hundred percent but tomorrow is another day and I know it will be better yet! I just can't wait for my nose to quit running it's making my legs sore.. hehehe

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

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