Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let us not lose heart in doing good

Today here at J and B Learning we accomplished our Today Goals. We talked about Galatians 6:9 - Let us not lose heart in doing good. We focused on what we can work on not doing things that are not of God or just being human. That it is up to us to remember that even if we make error that God forgives us and forgets. But it is up to us to not repeat the same mistakes. But we have to ask God before he can forgive us and forget. I know when my children do wrong they tend to get mad at themselves and say it don't matter God thinks I am bad. And that is so not true. God don't see bad in you he sees his love and grace he gave you. It is just up to us to make sure we learn why somethings we do is wrong and make sure we don't repeat them. I am trying to get my children to realize that it is up to us to ask God for guidance and ask him to show us his way. No matter what it is we want to do! 

We had art instruction today. We made Bubble art. It is a neat way of making art out of bubbles. The kids liked it . Abbigale even got into it but learned the hard way. See it is water, tempera paint, and dish soap. you use straws or anything that makes bubbles. We used straws that what we had. Well Abbi learned the hard way don't suck the straw. I explained and should her to blow and she did until the straw went into the mixture. She got a big gulp full. She looked at me with her blue eyes which were the size of saucers and after she swallowed she went gukky. I said oh sweet pea that's why we blow through it like this remember. Well she did very well until she spilled the paint mixture and her page tore. She was mad but then she thought it was funny. I guess it comes with being 18 months! As for this gulp of gukky like she said I am sure it will clean her out just fine!

 Jon-Jon decided instead of doing bubble art he wanted to paint an old shirt with fabric paint. He seems to be in same rut of drawing, living, breathing Atv's and dirt bikes. His dream is to be a pro like the ones on TV. I am trying to get him to realize it is OK to paint other things like land scape, still pictures and live pictures but he always has the same excuse I draw them all the time. I am sitting and thinking of one time he actually tried to draw the neighbors house and didn't finish and let Abbi get it and then started drawing his four wheelers. Well I am praying that as he grows up he learns that the sky is the limit and he can learn to draw anything if he truly wants to learn to draw!

We did another book for the school product testing. The Perfect Rainbow: It is I! By: Joycebelle
The girls are enjoying these books. They are also enjoying narrating them. and coloring a page! this story was about believing in yourself and making yourself be able to do anything. I think  they enjoyed Duck Who Thought She Was a Watermelon"  By: Joycebelle    a little bit better. But Makenzee Loves rainbows and that's what caught her eye! I have to answer questions after we read all the books!  The kids are thinking this is cool. I was sent another one to complete but the problem is we are learning 106 days of creation for History at this time. And what was sent was on Australia. So not sure how to add that in just yet!

The kids had cleaning appointments today. Jon-Jon has three teeth that need to be sealed with sealants he has no cavities to that's great news considering I can not get him to floss his teeth or half the time brush! He goes Friday to have his teeth sealed.  Makenzee has couple of spots to watch that are not cavities but could turn into cavities if not flossed or brushed right. Lileigh has nothing to worry about she has great teeth.  Kids don't have to go back until September and they included Abbi since she has 8 teeth now. They actually said she can come now I said na lets wait until September because she will be 2 then! So we came home and finished schooling!

"If someone is too tired to give you a smile, leave one of your own, because no one needs a smile as much as those who have none to give."Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch:

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