Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is it hot or is it cold?!

Today we did our Today Goals Finished everything. It has been nice because we are not behind in schooling this week nothing has detoured us. YAY to J and B Learning! Hopefully it keeps that way!

The painting we are learning is Water Mill at Kollen Near Nuenen it is Oil on canvas on cardboard. It was made in Nuenen: May, 1884. It is a nice painting it is a picture of a water house or mill and it has a water wheel in center of buildings. There is trees and and a pier with as deck. It is a neat rustic painting. I have learned to enjoy how lucky some people are when it comes to drawing or paintings. You can tell he was passionate for what he did.

We are reading for Nature Study The Burgess bird book for Children. It is a story about Peter rabbit and he is talking to all his orchard friends. They go into talking when someone is new or when they come back when winter is almost over. it is based on Peter Rabbit and  Jenny Wren and Mr. Wren.Peter Rabbit is curious and Jenny wren is very full of information and when Peter Rabbit don't believe her she gets snippy with him tells him to go ask the the other bird they are talking about to see if what she says is true!

The kids are really enjoying me reading to them. They have to narrate what we read just so they understand what is going on. As with all they other things we read or do I have to prompt them at times. I find Jon is affraid of making a mistake and isn't sure how to go about narrating and explaining what he has heard. Prompting seems to help but he kinda expects it. The kids are starting to really blossom and it is so awesome watching them grow and want to learn.

Today in our 106 Days of Creation Study we had fun making a thermometer. The took a bottle, clay, water, food coloring, straw and index card. We took the bottle and added the tap water. Then we placed couple of drops of food coloring and put straw in bottle. We then put the clay on top and made sure it was sealed so no air could escape then added the index card to the straw. Then we blow in the bottle to raise the water. Where the water stopped was normal temperature and marked card. Then we placed it outside in the warm weather and the water line went up from the normal temperature and we marked it. We pleased the bottle in the fridge and went back and checked and the water line dropped. The kids had so much fun. Well Makenzee decided to place it into the freezer to see what would happen. Well nothing it froze. She laughed and said well I learned a lesson things in freezer freeze and it's not water no more! She is so smart. * Smirk*

Abbigale is sick and she is so grumpy. That was a very interesting when it came to teaching the kids. But we did it so can't complain! Hoping she feels better tomorrow!

As we advance in life it becomes more and more difficult, but in fighting the difficulties the inmost strength of the heart is developed.
Vincent Van Gogh

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