Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring is here!

Well this is my first post since March. We have been so busy with life. We had to wait to start schooling until next week do to a couple meetings I had to go to.  But The kids are itching to get back on our daily Schooling Goals!

Easter weekend was great we went to Hemphill Tx. and stayed with Thomas's Dad and Mom.  We had breakfast every morning. Eggs and beacon, sausage, biscuits, toast, orange juice and so on.. It was so yummy!

While we were there they are next to the Sabine National Forrest like it is right behind there back yard.  The kids had so much fun walking through it and seeing all the wild life there is. Jon-Jon was trying to figure out how to make a fort for him and the girls. The weather was beautiful we wore shorts and sandals the whole time.

On Saturday night we colored eggs. It was Makenzee, Lileigh, Abbigale, and our niece Carly and Nephew Steven. They had so much fun placing the eggs in the coloring. They colored 36 eggs. We then placed them in there cartons to dry. The Johnson Tribe has a tradition they do every year. This is first year we haven't done it. Kinda sad but we will next year for sure. We as a family make Resurrection Cookies. I highly recommend doing this with your family it really helps your children realize what Jesus suffered for us when he died. The kids really like hearing the scripture as well as doing the hands on parts. After we had breakfast the Dads went out side and scattered all the eggs. The kids had a blast finding them. between the eggs and candy they had a blast! Easter dinner was soooo yummy as well. We had pork loin, ribs, pasta salad, beans, potatoe salad!
 On Tuesday we had our 2nd Girl Scout Meeting. We went over the girl scout promise and we helped girls make Tacos. Everyone had a blast they helped chopped veggies, brown the meat, grade cheese we placed everything on the table and dug in. The girls were so proud of them selves which they should be they made an awesome team. There was not one I it was all about we can do this we are a team!
We are so Loving our TROOP 463!!!

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. Henry Ford

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