Saturday, October 30, 2010

October comes to an end

We had an over all draining month, but we did accomplish quit a bit. I can truly say I am glad it is over. I pray October is better in 2011. We have had some great learning time as well. We did a lot of exploring. I have touched base on a few things that have gone on like Girl Scout backyard camp out and driveway pipe busting. Here are some more of what I have not mentioned.

Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) was an Italian explorer who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492, hoping to find a route to India (in order to trade for spices). He made a total of four trips to the Caribbean and South America during the years 1492-1504. 
 The kids had fun looking up his voyages and also reading about the people he called Indians when is reality they were Cubans. We colored maps and talked about how it must have been daunting when there was no wind for those big boats to move. The kids were astonished that wind could be that strong!
The kids learned about Diwali. It is a Hindu festival of Lights. I am sure some of you are wondering why a christian family would want to learn about another religion?! Well I believe it is up to us to teach our children how other people believe and compare it to Christianity. If we do not understand how can we judge something as bad or wrong. People tend to judge rather then understand other peoples way of thinking weather it is bad or good. Well we learned that Hindus believe in several gods and each family usually has one specific god they really focus on. We learned that Diwali is like a New Year to them a fresh start they clean and make everything look nice. The kids made bowls for a candle to go in they painted and we light the candles we made as the Hindu people would. They enjoyed seeing there bowls decorated.. That's what they do for Diwali anything to do with lights hintz called festival of lights!!!

    Candles they made and  the bowls they girls made from homemade clay
     The girls were so happy with their pots Jon-Jon didn't make one but he did make a candle.

The girls have played some great soccer. There season ends this month. They will start up again in Spring.Makenzee has come a long she actually was in the right spot at right time and helped make a goal. The team she is on is called Bad news Sharks. there colors are Lime green and navy blue. She loves her team and her coach is just awesome. Lileigh is also learning to follow the ball and kick the heck out of it. Her team looks like a bunch of buzzing bees chasing the ball. Their colors are Burnt orange and navy blue. Their name is Tigers. They are sad that it is over already. We have decided  that we are making Lileigh's team a snack. No one ever brings team snacks like Makenzee team has always been good at bringing snacks. So we decided to make a Vanilla Coated Halloween Munch Mix since it's Halloween. What away to end a season!!!
This stuff is so easy and YUMMY!!

We have been making  lots of crafts for the bats lesson we have been working on for Halloween. We went to Rapids Parish Library and got books on bats. We have learned so much like for example;
  1. bats have great eye sight
  2. there are 900 species of bats
  3. carnivorous bats that use echolocation they have big ears
  4. herbivore bats use there nose to smell fruit and nectar and they have smaller eats etc.
              Fall tree's with BATS                            Clothes pin Bats

                                        Bat Brownies YUMMY!

                                         Egg carton bats 
                                       YUMMY BBQ Bats Wing!!!
     Told the kids that they only sold BAT wings this time of year and we thought we would give them a try. Everyone was like ewwww  but they loved them even though they think where bat meat. Then Makenzee said oh mom Bats have long fingers and thin skin over them these are to fat for a bat. These can not be bat wings. She paid attention to our bat lesson makes me so proud!!
     So they have made bat brownies, Halloween Paper tree, lacing bat project, painted egg carton bats, Sticky Black Bat Wings.  

                                   The kids did a couple non bats activities so here they are!!!
            Abbi Bears pumpkin bear                Stained glass Jack-o-Lanterns
            We also have ventured in to making ginger bread haunted houses. Each kids has made their own um well not all Abbigale was not awake and hers was broken in bits so we wont tell her the kids went ahead and ate hers!!
                                                                 Makenzee was being so particular!
                                                                      Lileigh had so much fun!
    Jon-Jon ate more then he made and then it broke this all I could get of it!

    We made personal pizza's one night the kids had a blast. Abbi feel asleep so she didn't get to make her own she had to share with momma! We had mushrooms, pepperoni, onion, pineapple, cheese and lots of sauce!!!
     The girls got dressed up for two birthday parties and there Nonnie had a Halloween party we went to. They had a blast. Jon-Jon decided he wasn't going to dress up. But the girls did and had so much fun. The outfit Pebbles is wearing I made she is wearing a peasant top and bloomers! She makes an awesome MODEL!!! Here are some pictures!
         Strawberry Shortcake      Pippi Longstolking        Pebbles Flintstone
    We had mummy meat loaf and ghostly mashed taters. I completely forgot to get pictures! But here is one that you can kinda get an idea of what we did! It turned out yummy and kids were so excited about the idea. Makenzee and Lileigh said I got an  A+ for trying to be different. I have no idea where that came from we don't do grades! =)  One day we made snake bits they were so neat for lunch! We also have had Mummy dogs and Brains on the half shell! Mine were not as neat as what pictures we have seen but they had fun pretending! Makenzee and Lileigh both said oh momma they taste just like real brains...I said well I have never had brains so I wouldn't know!! The mouths of BABES!

                                               Happy Halloween!


    Hold on, man.  We don't go anywhere with "scary," "spooky," "haunted," or "forbidden" in the title.  ~From Scooby-Doo


    1. lovely blog now a follower looking forward to continue reading your blog:)

    2. I'm thinking how one little year ago, you were on the phone and email with me like a mad-woman attempting to learn a better way to school your kids. Now look at you!!!!

    3. Michelle you have always been an awesome and positive woman in my life! If it wasn't for you I and Cindy would probably be failing my children. I am learning to look out of the box. SOME DAYS not so easy!!

    4. Looks like you squeezed a lot of fun into the last week of October.
      Janet W

    5. Janet oh yes it turned out way more then I expected. But the kids had so much fun! That's the goal as homeschooling Momma's right making sure they learn and have a blast!! Now if the rest of the weeks go as

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