Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Week Down

Well we are wrapping up our first week back at schooling. I have to say it has gone smoother then I anticipated. We have had a couple bumps but nothing that wasn't expected. Such as life always have something trying to get in the way.

We started out Monday smooth flying we did our morning routine good morning song, dressed, dirty clothes to utility room, breakfast and brush teeth. We also start our school day with Prayer, Pledge, Days of the week song, months of the year song and alphabet song. Then we move on in to our CBH ministries talk about the story, we also added devotions for girls God and me they have different book for different ages. As for Jon we are working on "Arguing" I got the Character study from Confessions of a home schooler she has up six to print from her. They are great. The other Character studies are Obedience, Patience, Selflessness, Humility and peacemaking. I am sure your wondering why the girls are not doing them as well. Well see the book I have chosen that Makenzee begged to do has all of it and more. So over all this works out great. Then we move on to our memory verse, math, artist study or picture study, history, composer study or music study, science or geography, literature, language arts, poetry, nature study and foreign language. Now Yes it looks like a lot but I switch things different days so it really isn't to much.

Jon-Jon is actually doing pretty well. Now mind you for this being my Mood Disorder, Bi-Polar with ODD he has actually been trying to do his work. Yay is all I can say. He is my child who doesn't want to learn anything more. He doesn't want an education he says proudly I don't need it. Well all I can say is the things I have him doing he is most defiantly getting an education and he will be able to have a fruitful life outside of my home if he choose to. Yes that's my goal so I know he will be successful.

Makenzee has come a long way I am so proud of her. She is actually sounding out her words at least doing her best. She was actually trying to write her answers out as they had questions for some of there subjects. She is also making effort to write her personal best. I can say the flower is blooming she has a ways to go but she is actually starting to get it. When she gets something right her eyes beam with I did it and excited. She is going to ahead in no time.

Lileigh is a little more different. She strives to want to but she is at point she don't care or want to. She always has an excuse I'm tired, I'm hungry etc. But This mean oh mom don't let her get away with it. See when she does the little bit she has to do she gets so excited and says to me see mom I knew I could do it. She is so funny. I truly believe she just likes the attention and when I don't give it to her she does it. She is also saying Momma I want to read and write. My response is well sweetheart you have to start somewhere that's why I have you do the little you do. Then she smiles and says yeah momma I know. Just for it happen all over again the next day.

Abbigale is loving to color her papers as well as my walls, furniture, toys, cabinets and so on she is becoming quit the artist. Now if she would just keep it on her paper! Abbi also likes to glue and paste. She has also been able to use scissors in my eye sight. Mind you she tries to do everything by herself when she wants to like when I am not looking. Oh ya when you can not find her be very worried it isn't good usually. But over all she is starting to sit and be a little quite while we are doing our studies!

                                 Great game for helping learn the Sates

             Abbi just liked the timer and of coarse the cards to bug!

The kids got some really neat board games for Christmas from family. We played one this week it was Untied States Junior. It was a lot of fun watching the girls find the different states. The objective of game is to have the most cards at end of game that person wins. So it don't matter if you go around the board to finish first. As long as someone is on the board playing everyone gets chances to get more cards. You see win win which is good for my kids. We are working on poor sports man ship!!!Over all they loved it we are planning on playing mad money next!

I am praying God keeps blessing our household. That we be successful in all our areas of life! With all that said I am very blessed weather it is a good day or not. We keep trucking along.
                                                    Thank you for Pondering,

while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18 (NKJV)

Home schooled children frequently combine for many purposes - and they interact well. The growth of the home schooling movement means that more and more children are learning together, just not in a traditional classroom.
Ernest Istook


  1. It does look like a great week! Ours didn't go as planned as my son came down with the flu but we still accomplished a little at least!

    Stopping by from the workbox group! Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Stopping by from work boxes. Sounds like a good week for you and the kids:) We started this week too. Stop by and visit if you get a chance:) I am already a follower:)

  3. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a positive comment on my daughter's lapbook she is so happy and it has given her a real confidence boost:) Thank YOU!

  4. Sounds like your year is off to a pretty good start. Definitely some cuties in the photos!
    Janet W


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