Saturday, February 19, 2011

Healing Cookie crumbles

I wanted to keep everyone in the loop. Jon seems to be doing great at AMI Kids. He is really loving it. He has tested to be 7th grade better then being stuck in 6th grade. He should be almost ninth. But hey he at least got something from what little I could get him to do. I have a meeting coming up soon for him at AMI Kids so they can tell me his progress. I am glad he is doing so well. Unfortunately his attitude and actions at home are they same. He will have some what of a good day then he will disappear. Well if you have read my past post you know exactly what I am talking about. It is so amazing kids at his age actually think they can survive on there own with out anyone. Well some can unfortunately Jon can not. That's not to say he will never but it will be very hard. I pray he learns to stick with and complete one thing in his life and that would to get an Education and be something.

On a different note I have been testing my daughters for the new core curriculum we have decided to add to there daily schooling. Well I am proud to announce Lileigh who is Kindergarten is a 1st grader. Lileigh had to take a reading readiness test she got 97.5. Well I have to explain she actually got 100% but only reason I kept it 97.5 was because she had to match a picture. She refused to match the right picture because the circles did not look straight on the ball they dots veered up instead of being straight like picture. So she explained that the one she circled was actually the same ball if you looked at it in mirror. So I am thinking makes perfect since! I was amazed.=)

Makenzee has been doing a diagnostic testing. She has done Social Studies, Science, English, word building and Math. She is what they say in 2nd grade if she was in a public school setting as of now, but she has tested middle 3rd grade. I am so excited. So she will do 3rd grade since it is where she should be. I don't want to advance my children unless they are board and know everything. I brather make sure they are really getting everything! I do believe my girls are. I am so proud of them.

As a homeschooling mom I have gone through the am I actually giving my child a well rounded curriculum. I know I shouldn't because they are striving to get knowledge without prompting. But when you have a child who disrupts and makes everything about him. So some days it took away from my other children more then other day. But I do have to say my poor daughters on good days I push them to make up for not being able to school on bad days!

My Makenzee and Lileigh are so proud of themselves. I feel they should be. They work hard on going an extra mile to learn. Abbigale is only 2 and she is also liking to sit and coloring or doodling while girls school. She will be ready when it is her turn to start actually schooling! We will continue to strive to be our best EVERYDAY!

As a mother I want what is best for all my children not just some. I am proud of my oldest son who is desperately trying to get into College. Us living in different states if kinda hindering the fact that my hands are tied. But he is getting all his DUCKS in row. I am so proud of him. Keep doing the great achieving I love you CJ.

                                                                    Thank you for Pondering,

Be very careful, then, how you live - not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord's will is.
Ephesians 5:15-17
The thing about family disasters is that you never have to wait long before the next one puts the previous one into perspective.  ~Robert Brault,

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