Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life is what you make it!

Well a lot has taken place since I last blogged for J and B Learning. Jon-Jon has gotten in to AMI Kids. That was an interesting turn about. But needless he is in. He is actually really liking it. He is striving to do good. Yes he has had a haunting past. Hoping he succeeds this time. He really wants to go back to public school. Which really upsets me but at this point if he will do his best and get an education who am I to stop that.

As for my daughters they will be home schooled. It works out better for us and them. The girls are in Girls in Action (G.A.'s) They are learning missions. As well as Girl Scouts we are selling cookies right now. Then the fun begins next month we have to collect money and deliver boxes. Thank goodness between my 2 girls we have only about 100 boxes. So far Troop 463 has pre sold 4100 or more boxes!! So exciting. Makenzee and Lileigh start up for spring soccer with Crossroads Soccer Association they are so excited and can not wait to start up again!

As a mother and the person educating my children we have decided to add to our children education. We have decided to start using the ACE Curriculum- Distant Learning with our daughters. The advantage of doing this is it is an accredited school and they go all the way to 12 grade and have diplomas. The kids can even walk down to get diploma but they would have to go to Nashville TN. Heck as much money and time I have put into lessons this will help free me so we can focus on important things like nature walks and music and art appreciation. So that will be so nice.

Now don't get me wrong I truly love the Charlotte Mason Method that's why I am continuing to do the nature studies, artist appreciation and music appreciation studies. I love following along with Handbook of Nature Study she always has awesome things to show and learn with your children very well rounded. I also like how she puts her kits together. She is so thorough with her kits she always has an artist and musician with every study. I highly recommend her go check the site Handbook of Nature out it is very nicely laid out and so many options!
                                  Thank you for stopping by and pondering,

Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.
Psalm 63:3 (NIV)

        Remember the high board at the swimming pool? After days of looking up at it you finally climbed the wet steps to the platform. From there, it was higher than ever. There were only two ways down: the steps to defeat of the dive to victory. You stood on the edge, shivering in the hot sun, deathly afraid. At last you leaned too far forward, it was too late for retreat, and you dived. The high board was conquered, and you spent the rest of the day diving. Climbing a thousand high boards, we demolish fear, and turn into human beings.
Richard Bach A Gift of Wings                                                     

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  1. Hi April,
    When mine were younger we used the Charlotte Mason Method and loved it. Now my youngest is a sophomore in high school,and we still homeschool - we've homeschooled since `83.
    Meet your newest follower. Hope you'll swing by and visit me too.


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