Monday, November 15, 2010

To Hunt or Not

Well my husband loves to hunt. He has not really been able to go hunting since we have been together. He has everything he needs with a few exceptions. I sure hope he gets to this year and we end up with some meat in freezer.

As we all know Meat is one of the most expensive things to put on our tables. My family are meat eaters I have tried the vegetarian meals at least once or twice a week and it didn't go over very well.
Well back to my story. My husband has a bow he has been hunkering to use. Nope no luck yet but he is getting good at using his targets in back yard did I mention we live in city limits. Praying no one see's or says anything. Fortunately it has been all good. Can we say redneck in the city!  Sorry no pictures!

Well it has trickled down. Guess what not one but all my children that are still ate home want to go with Daddy and hunt. Makenzee says Daddy I want to go squirrel hunting. So he took her with her 22 riffle that changes to a 410 shot gun and we all went out to shoot it to help site it in.  We feel safety is very important so we are making sure they know and respect everything they touch or do! We went to Thomas' family farm. Here are the pictures:
Checking to see if it is loaded. Makenzee doing it herself
                                                Abbi out of harms way and NOT happy
                                                        Jon shooting target
                                                            did I get it

                                                     Daddy looking at damage
                                   We used the cracker box for 410 it's all peppered up!
The box was for the 22 and you can not see them but Thomas put 4 small colored in circle to have us aim at!
                                                  Thomas getting ready to load it
  Picture to left 410 and the one above 22 riffle and yes I hit the target Thank you!
                                                    Abbi just being cute

Daddy also got out his tree stand it's a climber and they are scary well they are to me because  I am scared of heights unfortunately. But here are some of the kids in daddy's tree climber! Thomas set the tree climber about 5 feet off ground. Now notice I am not in one of these pictures camera was my friend! We were in Sabine County Texas my husbands parents are butted up again the Sabine National Forrest.

Abbi thought she was so big                                           

                                           Jon-Jon was climbing it up stopped to smile.

                                                    So proud of himself.
              Lileigh miss thang she is scared of heights but she wanted to be in Daddy's stand.
                                                   Holden on for dear life
                                              Finally relax a little!

                             No fear at all future hunter and she has one hell of an aim!

                                                My sexy husband Thomas <3

                          Edward and Sue Johnson Better known as Pawpee and Granny!
First picture of them looking at same time had to share! We are trying to help our children learn the values of learning what being frugal in living. We value our country's past when they canned and hunted and made everything. We as a family also make our laundry soap, household cleaners, Our food from scratch and so one. We are going to be learning more about canning with Granny and Pawpee the kids are very excited and can not wait!

                                                Thank you for readin~

                                        Daddy's vest for hunting she was so proud!

Proverbs 12:27, "The lazy man does not roast what he took in hunting, But diligence is man's precious possession" (NKJV). 

 Before beginning a Hunt, it is wise to ask someone what you are looking for before you begin looking for it.


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